Smart sensors to make urban traffic and parking efficient

Wireless geomagnetic detectors CITIQ provide actual data on traffic or parking occupancy in your city. It saves costs and enables traffic regulation to make the living environment better.

Why to use CITIQ detectors?

In average 30 % of drivers are looking for a free parking space. To solve this, the cities deploy parking zones, P+R and other tools. It is very common that these solutions are proposed without proper knowledge and without relevant data.

Make decisions on traffic regulation based on real data! The CITIQ detectors can easily provide you with the data.

Our technology is unique in the Czech Republic

High accuracy

Up to 97 % of vehicle recognition success


Detectors are safe under the ground.

Long lifetime

The battery lasts up to 8 years.

The operation does not require maintenance

Any operation crew travels are not needed.


No need to dig holes for cables.

Simple installation

It takes 15 minutes to embed a detector.

We have already been providing such data in several Czech and Slovak cities.


We have deployed a unique detection system of parking occupancy for handicapped people in Prague. Thanks to the mobile application the handicapped people have on-line information on where to park.

The project is unique also for a special design of detectors required for the historic part of Prague. The detectors are made in the form of cobbles and the collectors are embedded into traffic signs.

The media article is here


The biggest project has been installed in Liberec where we have delivered to our partner ČD Telematika 240 detectors for parking occupancy monitoring in 6 areas of the city.

Smart parking service represents a cost-effective solution suitable even for smaller towns or companies. The customer can be simply anyone who needs to solve problems with parking spaces management or optimisation.

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We have helped the city of Brno in cooperation with the ELTODO company to showcase the solution within CIVITAS project on sustainable urban mobility. We have equipped with the detection system 75 parking spaces.

The system in Brno is based not only on parking occupancy information but also on information from payment terminals so the payment morale can be monitored by the city.

The media article is here

How the detectors work

The detectors continually measure magnetic field.

The detectors continually measure magnetic field.

Data is sent to the collectors. The data is analysed on the central server.

Gain the parking data or traffic flow data

Parking monitoring

Parking monitoring

Each parking space is equipped with a detector embedded under the surface. The place is skinned with cold asphalt mixture and is almost invisible. Data about magnetic field change is sent to the collector that is installed e.g. on a public lighting pole. The data is then process in a central server.

The system data can serve for the analysis:
● occupancy of a specific parking lot,
● occupancy percentage of a parking area.
The data can be used by the city or company management for decision making process, e.g. on parking tariffs.

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Traffic flow monitoring

Traffic flow monitoring

Geomagnetic detector registers a vehicle passage. The detector is embedded in the ground/road and can have a form of a cobble. Data is sent to the collector that is placed within the radio range, e.g. in the traffic sign or public lighting poles. The data is then process and analysed in a central server.

The detectors can measure:
● number and velocity of passing vehicles
● congestion length.
Based on the data the traffic lighting intervals or work zones passage can be managed.

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We are teaching cities to use internet of things

Internet of things is ruling the world full of data. Internet of things within smart city context means a perfect overview. The cities of tomorrow will stand on technologies synergy. We will be able to measure, evaluate and gain information on everything from noise level to the height of snow on the roofs.
We are managing this today.

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Build the basics of the technological infrastructure in the most challenging area of cities – in transport.

We are a 100 % Czech company

We are proud from where we come. All the products, detectors, collectors, software are made by Czech developers and manufacturers. So we can control a high quality standard.

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